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The Story behind Dragon Born

Rachel Kaufman ebook 1.jpg

The idea for Dragon Born first came to Rachel when she was seventeen. It was summer time, and she was sitting on her dad's couch in his townhome while he was at work. She had a notebook in her lap, a pen in her hand, and a desire to create something powerful in her heart. Thus, she created the Dragon Born, though the meaning of the word would take on a life of its own as she pressed into the creative process.

For years, she wrote and re-wrote the beginning and end of the series. She knew four characters who never changed, and she knew the series would be seven books long. Until finally, two years later one night in college, she had a dream. When she awoke from the dream she saw the direction of her story, and she realized she needed eight, not seven books to tell it.

So, once again, the brainstorming began, only this time it was with a vision in mind. Then life happened. 

Balancing school, jobs, and friends, left very little time for writing novels. However, she sent every draft she wrote in her creative writing classes to her dad, for his input. He was always encouraging and enthralled with what she wrote. He helped to remind her that she was a writer on the days where she forgot.


Finally, things settled down. She graduated college, got married, and had kids. You would think that would be the busiest time of her life, but to her surprise, being a stay-at-home mom made room for her to sit down and write. 


In 2016 she decided she would write her first full draft of the first book of Dragon Born. She wouldn't overthink it, or try to fix things before she was done. It was an ugly piece of clay, but it was exactly what she needed to form into what the book has become. 


Rachel is thrilled to present the first book in the Dragon Born series, The Foothills of Fire. It is a piece she feels is finally perfect for the series, and the readers.  

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